Hot Klub Reunion

I’m trying not to use this blog as a diary, but I had to say some things somewhere about the Hot Klub Reunion. 

We’re knocking off these band and club reunions, three this year, and they’ve all been great.  But where do we go from here?

I wonder if anyone is going to tackle the Mother (Blues) of All Club Reunions, which had a hugely disparate crowd mixed blues/old school rock crowd at prime time and then the glam/punk crowd mainly after 12:00, or as we like to refer to it, “the good crowd” and “the good bands.”  After all the club reunions have been done, what can we come up with to bring out the entire crowd en masse?  Do we maybe start having these reunions annually to keep it going, and would it have the same impact?  I’d come.

Binary Star was one of my favorite places to see bands, but it happened so rarely that, like Mother Blues but on a smaller scale, it wasn’t any one crowd. 

All the bands sounded great, and it was just great to see Jim and James together onstage for the first time in a very long time. These two made an impression on me posing on the back of a car in the MB’s parking lot before I even moved to Dallas, and they’ve still got it. And bravo, Erin! You sounded great! Thanks to all the guys who filled the voids in the old bands and kept it authentic. I’ve always loved it that so many of the local bands would cover the other local bands’ songs and could fill in at the drop of a hat.

Sorely missed at the HK reunion were BR (who wishes to keep a low profile online now that she owns her own company), Ayce, Dave T., and, of course, Tex.  Apparently I just missed Randy C., but at least I did get a word with Neil before he, perhaps wisely, fled.  I was glad my fellow Housewives from Hell were represented (Erika & Tracey) as I always felt naked without them at the HK.  Well, okay, sometimes I was. 

I’m sure it’s not just me, but I’ve noticed at these reunions how quickly the old group dynamics kick in, and you find yourself drawn right back into your old role with the old gang and interacting with the same dynamics with the different people that you did 25 years ago.  It’s amazing really, and it makes me realize how genuine the bonds (both good and not so good) were and remain.


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