Generation Where the Fuck Are You

Remember back to the Bush/Gore election when the predominantly Republican Supreme Court threw the election to their prevailing party with their ruling against a revote after all the chad issues?  Their latest ruling this week reversing a former Supreme Court decision that has stood for 20 years to now allow corporations to spend unlimited amount of money on influencing elections is of the same proportions and even more shameful given that it will make it impossible going forward for “the people” to really have any say in politics, unless “the people” happen to own a multimillion-dollar corporation, in which case they can do whatever they want. 

Sure, everyone was pretty mad after the Bush/Gore debacle.  You sat your asses in front of your TVs and paid attention for a few weeks, at least.  But how many of you wrote your congressmen?  Did you even bother to jot down the names of your representatives who participated in that completely fraudulent dabacle so that you’d remember not to vote for them next election?  Apparently not, because Bush was ligitimately elected by you at the next election!  Look what a great thing that turned out to be, with the nation and its citizens deeply and inextricably in debt.  Is this Supreme Court decision this week even on your radar?  Where the fuck are you??

I’m sorry, but I am from a generation that stuck their necks out a little to fight injustice — actually, we stuck them out a lot and often ended up in jail for our efforts, but we effected change, and no one can deny that.  Many of us are still willing to put up a fight, but the truth is no one much cares because we are not the demographic they are playing for, pure and simple.  We’re too old, so nobody listens to us anymore.  So it’s YOU who needs to carry the torch now –
You, the college students who supposedly learn this stuff in class but seem not to believe it has anything to do with your lives;

You, the goth kid sneaking off to smoke and listen to Evanescense between classes;

You, the gay kid still in the closet suffering silently at the injustice;

You, the vegan who still believes that world peace is within our reach and that even evil people are good at heart if you’ll just be nice to them;

You, the kid who thinks no amount of athletic skill justifies Vick torturing animals and that 18 months isn’t enough punishment for it;

You, the kids with their pants down around their knees because you’ve accepted that you’re disenfranchised and prefer to flaunt it.

We get it.  Now do something about it.

We need YOU to pay attention and read a legitimate newspaper, not just entertainment and sports blogs, and then stand up and shout and scream and march, raise your fists and stamp your feet, and influence your friends, your coworkers, your parents, and eventually your children and help stop the abominations that are going on within our country.  We need you.  Where the fuck are you?


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