Massachusetts, the Fickle State

It’s not so much that I think losing one Democrat seat to a Republican is going to turn the tide.  It’s just how it happened that makes me wince.  That seat was lost to Scott Brown mainly for two really wrong reasons.  One, the State already has its own healthcare, so the residents didn’t need the national package and don’t want to pay for both the one they have and the one everyone else needs.  (Didn’t they stop to think that if they had the national one, they wouldn’t need to continue paying for their own?)  Pretty much the only people who aren’t for healthcare reform are those who already have free healthcare or enough money that paying for it isn’t a hardship on them.  I mean, no one seems to care that I’m paying for everyone else’s children (including illegal immigrants) to go to school AND to get healthcare even though I have neither healthcare nor children. I thought maybe it was time for some reciprocity.  Shame on me for expecting too much.

The other reason MA went Republican is because the Dem candidate (GASP) made an uninformed remark that insulted a hoard of sports fans.  Now, some of you may think that alone is not enough to disqualify a candidate, but believe me, I know it is, because I live in a city that refuses to vote in favor of raising taxes unless it’s to fund a new sports arena — and it doesn’t even care that it’s one owned not by the City but by private investors, with no plan to repay them.  The shallowness of it makes me want to vomit.  When is our majority going to grow up, sit up and take notice, and take on real issues?

It turns out the long-revered Massachusetts is just as wavering in their ideals as the rest of the 50 states.  I guess they were just riding the Kennedy wave for as long as it lasted.  Then they sold out. 


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