What Better Daycare than the Air-Traffic Control Tower?

I can’t believe this story about the guy at the D.C. airport who allowed his son (what was he doing there to begin with?) to get on the radio and instruct the pilots, several pilots in fact.  Apparently this man was thinking they’d think it was cute, but apparently not, because both he and his supervisor got suspended pending investigation. 

I wish people would stop trying to make the workplace into a daycare.  Fine, have one day a year you get to bring the kids, but let all those who aren’t interested opt out and take that day off since they’re not going to be able to get any work done anyway and probably have no interest in pretending to be interested.  And if you get to bring kids, then there ought to be a day to bring pets.  I would think anyone would rather take the day off than come in with their kids, given the choice.  I’m certainly not so desperate for approval on my dogs that I wouldn’t rather just have the day off.  So let’s just do that — and avoid an industrial sized accident.  Bad enough there’s screaming kids on planes.  Must we have them in the control tower too?


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