Skanks & Cheaters

This Sandra Bullock & Jesse James situation brings up the largest truths about cheating and why it destroys relationships and people.  What it is apparently hard for men to understand is that once they cheat with skanks, strippers, and prostitutes, and I use those words synonymously, the unskank he married (because he likes those too, for different reasons) have a period of bone-rattling heartbreaking adjustment as they have to get past the shock, get past that they were fooled into thinking this guy was capable of truly caring about her feelings, and then, once that very core ideal is completely destroyed and she comes out the other end with her eyes open, whether he still says he really loves her or not no longer matters, because what’s his love worth if he also loves opportunistic destructive skanks and is, in fact, a destructive skank himself?  She eventually understands that if he ever loved her at all, his love didn’t compare to what she’s capable of, the kind of love where if you hurt your partner, you suffer as much as they do because you have empathy for them. 


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