The Fan Club

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about whether the sex scandals are anyone’s business. Because I was in the music business for many years, I’ve devoted a lot of thought to the subject of fans. If a celeb’s sex scandal is none of our business because it has nothing to do with us, then I think we also need to ask ourselves why Tiger Woods being a great golfer should be of any interest to anyone not playing golf with Tiger Woods. I mean, what does that have to do with anyone except those competing? Nothing.

Fans are fans because they project themselves onto the sports, music, or other public figure. With music, people may actually find some commonality conveyed through the message of the music; but with sports, it’s a pretty simple matter of choosing to identify with someone or an entire team so you can then reap the reward of sharing their victories. Without this identification and projection, celebs would have no fans, no income, no fame, no game. Celebs validate the process by maintaining a certain image, so they are also culpable. Is it fair to then demand of media and the public that a line be drawn when a celeb, by acting in an egregious manner and being flagrantly careless rather than privately discrete , thoroughly insults fans, who have literally invested themselves in this person? 

No, but isn’t it pretty to think so.


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