Tell me rich famous women aren’t targeted

I was livid when Paris Hilton was given 45 days for driving violations a few years ago after been completely targeted by police and media.  At the time, I got the statistics for that jurisdiction and the vast majority of people convicted for like crimes never did ANY time.  And to put it in perspective, I also got the stats from Bureau of Crime Statistics that show that only 30% of felons ever do time.  I am pretty sure Hilton hasn’t done anything worse than just about every college-aged kid I know as far as partying and/or driving under the influence.  Still, people said she got special treatment because she was famous.  She got special treatment alright.  She got targeted because she was a young rich female beholden to no man and no one, and a lot of people resented her for it.

So Hilton got 45 days for driving violations, but Charlie Sheen got just 30 days after allegedly holding a knife to his wife’s throat.  And now they’re saying he may have day passes for 12 hours every day to teach community acting classes.  How about he just does the time?  Who the hell else that holds a knife to their wife’s throat gets 30 days and gets to teach acting classes off-site?

This would be why I will be giving Lohan the benefit of the doubt.  I was appalled when Dr. Drew made the comment about (paraphrasing) if it was his daughter, he’d plant dope on her so he could send her to jail.  He, of all people, ought to know you can’t MAKE someone get sober.  They have to want to.  There are scores and scores of young men who get wasted every night of their life and people are totally willing to look the other way. 

Unlike apparently most people, I don’t believe that every unflattering photo of a starlet is proof that they are wasted on something.  The media go to any lengths to get awful photos of people so they can make up a story to go along with it. 

The rich and famous get special treatment alright. The men get away with near-murder, and the women get targeted for being successful, because there is a huge double standard and no place is it more apparent than Hollywood.


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