L.A. Witch Hunt

Amid all the media coverage of Lindsey Lohan and Mel Gibson’s legal problems, I have yet to see anyone question why Lohan is going to jail for partying and basically doing what most people her age do (and getting far more jail time than the average in that jurisdiction), and yet Gibson is still free to roam after apparent battery and threats.  The threats alone are illegal and grounds for arrest.  It can’t possibly take that long to prove it’s his voice, so I can only assume there’s a reluctance to arrest him, though I believe it will happen eventually.  Charlie Sheen got zero rehab or jail time for threatening to have his wife killed and then holding a knife to her throat for 15 minutes, Lindsay got 90 for partying.  Apparently L.A. law enforcement and judicial system don’t care about violence towards women; but let a female “brat,” the term you so often hear in the media, go out and live life as she pleases and can, and everybody wants to lock her up, make her conform.  It’s envy, plain and simple. 

Not to say Lohan may not have a serious addiction problem that needs to be addressed, but incarcerating someone for having the potential to harm someone besides themselves seems paltry compared to what men in Hollywood (and elsewhere) have gotten away with for years.  Rich, young, independent, single, high-profile women are totally targeted by the media, the envious public, and by the justice system.  It just bugs the hell out of everyone that these women are beholden to no one.  This and Paris Hilton’s targeting and excessive sentencing (LE admitted usually people do not get jail time for her offence) is as close to a witch hunt as we’ve seen in a couple of centuries.  Press follows them around magnifying every move they make, laying on the ground to get a photo up their dresses, taking photos through windows to catch them having a drink.  While some Hollywood men draw papparazzi, they are never harassed and monitored to this extent. 

I am sick of seeing people targeted and arrested for things that possibly some day might hurt someone while people who have already hurt someone roam free.  It’s a double standard, and I wish one of these young ladies with plenty of money would sue the crap out of the system that allows it.


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