The Chickens are Out of the Coop

I have just been struggling not to get depressed over the news lately, not only nationally, with all the Hollywood abuse and double standard, but also locally.  I often avoid local news because I find it so frustrating, but when the stories are so extreme, the news finds you.

In Texas news this week, first there was the skin-crawling 911 call from a mother (Sudai Akter) telling the operator calmly that she had just killed both her young children by wire strangulation because they were autistic and she “wanted normal kids.” First she tried to feed them bathroom cleanser, but they would just spit it out.

Last month was the big story of the Dallas police chief’s son murdering people (see post below with “aberration” in the title) after Lancaster police failed to arrest him hours earlier when the girlfriend reported he had hit her and was waving a gun around.

Today there’s more police negligence being reported, with an admission statement by the department, that two men who had just engaged in a dangerous car chase, car ramming, and prolonged public shootout which  injured seven people were taken into custody but then erroneously not arrested and are now back out on the street.

The mayor of Coppell, Texas, Jayne Peters, this week, shot and killed her college-aged daughter and then herself after she had stolen city funds and rented a car to give to her daughter and never returned the rental.

And today it was announced that Texas has the third highest rate of teen births of any state in the union. 

Aren’t we proud? 


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