Dallas Police Chief Continues to Blame the Victim

Though today’s announcement of the “plan” to address the increase in rape was carefully phrased not to include the term “woman,” it is clear that Chief Brown is still suffering under an illusion that rapes are created by circumstances such as drinking rather than by the mental pathology of the rapist himself.  They say that many of the rapes involved drinking.  Well, why wouldn’t they?  Almost everyone in Dallas drinks alcohol regularly.  You could just as easily say that a high percentage of failed backyard gardens involved drinking!

I am completely appalled at the level of ignorance about rape and violence toward women that is being demonstrated by the leader of our police force and gone along with by other city leaders.  The press release made a point to mention the chief met with victim advocacy groups.  We need to consider that most victim advocacy groups are working with and beholden to the police department for referrals and also that just because he met with them and the press included one inert quote from them doesn’t mean that in meeting with them he did anything more than find himself a suitable validating sound byte to use for the press release. 

Anyone who persists with the idea that women’s behavior is responsible for men raping them should not be in a position to protect citizens.  He’s had ample time to educate himself between last month’s faux pas and now, and all he has done is say the same thing and implement a plan that seems like nothing more than one more excuse to force a  puritanical temperence agenda on Dallas’ citizens.  That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? 

In light of the recent Arizona border dispute, we’ve heard a lot about civil rights and that you can’t single out one group and pull them over and check papers.  But apparently drinkers are the one exception.  We allow every civil right guaranteed under the Constitution to be violated by the practice of setting drunk driving traps near the bar district and blaming every accident on the party who has had even the smallest amount of alcohol, even though 95 percent of accidents are actually caused by simple careless driving.  In Dallas, we have a moral agenda against alchohol that has no respect for civil rights.  Police prefer to prosecute drunk driving or drugs over domestic violence and rape — or even driving without using blinkers — because all it takes is one blood or breath test and they have pat incontrovertable evidence, whereas domestic violence and rape require knowledge, skill, and long man hours of interviewing witnesses and gathering physical evidence to make a case.  They go for what’s easy and incontrovertable to achieve a high conviction rate, and as citizens we let legislation pass that makes this possible. 

Dallas is ignoring the real problems and looking for ways to forward their agenda of justifying more random harassment stops on club-goers instead of educating themselves and going after sexual and violent offenders.  Chief Brown and everyone involved in this new “public awareness program” are perpetuating a myth that women “ask for it” and provoke rape by how they act.  A rapist isn’t formed by someone going to a bar and having a drink.  A rapist begins in the mind of the rapist during the rapist’s childhood and has nothing to do with what a woman drinks, how she acts, or what she wears.  A rapist begins with child abuse, neglect, or bad parental modeling, when one parent shows disrespect, entitlement, or violence toward women.  The victims do not fit into any particular mold and come in all ages, all physical attributes, all social levels, all degrees of sobriety.  Rape is not a one-time aberration by a confused male but the result of a lifetime of neglect, abuse or conditioning that will spawn a continuing cycle of the same.  Rape isn’t about alcohol!

With all the information available in the media in recent years about rape and violence, people are more educated than ever before about it, and there’s no excuse for someone in a leadership position to not understand it forward and backward instead of perpetuating old myths.  I bet he thinks stalkers are just lovesick, too.


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