I’m Impressed

Dallas Observer just reported that a magistrate refused to sign an on-the-spot warrant to take blood over “No Refusal” long weekend, which is when police stop random motorists and say they’ll take blood if you don’t agree to a breathalyzer.  Bravo, Magistrate, whoever you are, for knowing the Constitution!  This has gone too far, blaming anyone with any alcohol automatically for any wreck they’re in regardless if they were actually to blame, and trodding on civil rights.  It’s very simple.  We have wreckless driving laws which cover all driving offenses.  We did not need special alcohol laws promoted by the ultraconservative moral-agenda temperence lobby that is MADD and to which we are all apparently paying part of our tax money, whether we know it or not.  We should not be pulling over and setting traps that catch drivers who are not driving bad on the assumption that they MIGHT possibly someday drive bad when we have SO many drivers ALREADY driving bad, some with alcohol and many, many without, and these are being ignored because in court it is their word against the officers.  Well, that’s not good enough. 

Cell phones are more dangerous than alchohol, according to the most recent stats, but none of these conservative groups seem interested in lobbying to stop that.  I guess the thought of pulling over your own mom is a little uncomfortable.


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