In October 2009, Whitney Fox was returning home from a Dallas nightclub when she called 911 after a passenger in her car reached over and turned her steering wheel, causing her to hit a wall on Dallas Tollway.  Upon arrival, the trooper began investigating her for DUI.  She volunteered to do the tests and was arrested, but not before Trooper Arturo Perez slammed her head into a concrete wall, causing a deep gash under her chin, a face fracture and chipped teeth.  She was arrested but charges were dropped and she maintains that she had not been drinking.  Frankly, I don’t care whether she had been drinking or not.  Why all this focus on targeting young people out nightclubbing when we have a 25% increase in rapes from last year and apparently some big reason why North Texas is loathe to arrest and convict domestic abusers?  

On Fox 4 news, Ms. Fox uses admirable restraint when indicting the police for their actions and seems to almost feel bad for bringing it up http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/news/100710-victim-talks-about-alleged-trooper-assault.  Whitney Fox, we live in a town where a good portion of police and male citizenry don’t seem interested in prosecuting domestic violence and like to blame the victims for rapes.  They like to arrest people for substances because it’s a done deal in court, no he said/she said, it’s physical evidence.  It’s LAZY. 

Ms. Fox, you were arrested (and beaten) on the spot for a dubious charge in which there was no victim.  You were hurting no one.  Was Trooper Perez arrested on the spot for his beating of you?  No.  Why is that?  His offense was much more severe.  It was a violent offense with real victims, not potential victims.  He was in a position of power and authority.  His offense is 10 times greater than the one you were accused of but couldn’t be convicted for.  You have a right to be angry, Ms. Fox.  And I am right here angry with you.  So you own it, because what happened to you was very wrong.  You shout it to the rafters, and don’t settle for some bullshit apology.  What I want and what many women want right now is a thorough explanation for why the priorities are so skewed that we can’t protect women from violent offenders but we apparently have plenty of resources for chasing nightclubbers and setting drunk traps. I do not believe this is a budget issue.  I believe it is much more sinister.  Perhaps HLN’s current buzzword “War on Women” isn’t really that far off.


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