The Only Outrage

I have to say I’m pretty sick of the single-minded outrage with the Casey Anthony verdict.  Where is all this outrage when your local police fail to lock up a violent domestic abuser and let it go on until a woman is killed?  Where is the outrage when Republicans try to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, a direct attack on the already struggling elderly? What are these people saying to themselves?  There is some payoff here.  There is something about vilifying Casey Anthony, whether she’s innocent or guilty, that makes people feel better about themselves.  Caley Anthony is dead and gone and nothing will bring her back.  No one could be found who would testify that Casey was a negligent or mean or abusive mother.  There was nothing on the bones to suggest any ongoing violence or neglect.  Casey has no history to suggest she is about to resume a life of killing babies.  It’s over — unlike the millions of serial domestic abusers and pathologically greedy politicians out there that no one cares enough to rein in, who will keep right on killing us and making us suffer.  I guess there’s nothing about vilifying them that makes us feel smug.


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