Song Suggestions for Craig Ferguson Late Late Show

I guess because it’s the last thing I hear before going to sleep, I often wake up with ideas of what would be good songs or “numbers” to work into Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show.  I know he’s an old punk, and that can never be bad, and that he has a genuine love of music and their trailblazers, and, well, don’t we all?  His lip-sync numbers are always great, especially Britney Spears’ “Oops, I did it again,” which I saw in concert.  He’s added a Rick James-style Superfreak to his taped Tweety repetoire, and recently he’s brightened my night with a live Bowie imitation, which was actually quite good.  I bet he spent nearly as much time as I did practicing Bowie in front of the mirror, and how refreshing is that for a late night host? So I’ve decided to keep a running list of songs that I wouldn’t mind seeing incorporated some way into the show, in whole or part, mainly just because some of them are awesome songs, and because Craig is an awesome entertainer and maybe he can think of some way to use them, if only a snippet or a dynamic guitar part. I supposed some of my choices will be unfathomable to anyone but me, but there’s a reason , in my mind, at least, that they’re all in there.

Gap Band “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” – It’s suitable for snippet, great groove, nice chorus.  Key phrase: “You turn me ooun.”

Parliament – “Mothership Connection” – I love these assholes. Just the intro: big bouncy guitar and a bunch of bullshit

Parliament – “P.Funk” – Key phrase:  “Make my funk the P.Funk/I wants to get funked up.”  Bassy groove would be great going in and out of commercial.

Ramones – “I Wanna Be Sedated” – I know he’s thought of it.  Don’t know why he hasn’t used it some way, even if only the chords going to commercial. Or maybe he has and I slept through it.

Alice Cooper “Ballad of Dwight Fry” – snippet from where the acoustic and then electric guitars first come in after lyric intro.  It’s just too good a song to not use some way.

Leslie Gore “You Don’t Own Me” – because she’s a confused lesbian, just like Craig.

Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit” – This is for the filthy bunny of course. Time he had a bit. Chilling intro.  Keywords: pills, LSD, psychedelia, awesome band bitch.

Jefferson Airplane “Lather” – Can’t think of an application for it on the show, but the Smothers Brothers put the whole thing on theirs, and here’s the YouTube to prove it.  It’s just a psycho goddamn song whose last stanza gives me chills, beginning at about 1:59 on the video, and I just couldn’t think of any way NOT to put it on the list. Key phrase: “Putting drumsticks on either side of his nose/snorting the best licks in town/but that’s all over…”

Cheap Trick – “He’s a Whore” – Key lyrics: “He’s a whore/I’ll do anything for money.”  You could even just play that one line on the way to commercial.  I think you know why.  But the guitar riff is great too. Best bar band ever.

Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson – “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” – This is just one of the most hilarious songs ever.–Dc

Ultravox – “I Want to Be a Machine” – midway through it goes loud and electric and just repeats the title over and over. Very robot-y.

more to come…..check back.


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