She exists like a ghost out of time
sees herself at the window and walking in corridors
dwells in the minor strains of a plaintive lament carried on the wind
Sentimental Fool

Folded like a flower on her knees
the velvet crushed beneath her
she’d held herself and rocked,
the music tearing through her like knives.
Wasted and worn, she’d slept, then once more dawned her eyes

She rose from the underground,
energy building like a storm
black duster slapping elevator heels
Robotic scoping viewfinder eyes
blue this time
swept the room before the arched doors closed with a thud behind her

The wine smelled familiar
The tink of the glasses
clink of the chandelier
fell like music on her ear

She blinked back a tear as the balcony swam high above
Heis somewhere lurking in the gray
Materializing like smoke, then wafting away
She will leave him for another time


Stripped like a twig and raw
life hitting her like air on scraped skin
Hyperhuman paleorgasmic darlingale
lashing back like a whip
cracking like lighting and ripping the sky
her cloak flapping behind her as she rode into the pale
begin tape loop X3 fade

PartII- Paleocyberia


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